Bio-Rock Pemuteran Bali Indonesia

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Become an active participant in this unique Coral Conservation Project!

Sponsor a Baby Coral now!

A small coral fragment from one of the many corals cultivated in the past year will be planted next to your name made out of iron wire.

Over the years, your name will become part of the structure and your coral will grow into a new colony of corals which eventually will help repopulate the surrounding reefs.

By sponsoring a baby coral you will receive an email with the following:

  1. A certificate in PDF format
  2. A picture of your coral after it is planted on one of the structures
  3. A picture of the structure your coral is on
  4. A second picture of your coral, one year later

Please go to the Donations via PayPal page to sponsor your Baby Coral!

Equator Prize 2012


Contact us:

[email protected]

Contact Tom Goreau:

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Place to stay in Pemuteran:

Taman Sari Resort

Place to Dive in Pemuteran:

Bali Diving Academy

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